Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a fitness activity that incorporates walking with the addition of specially designed walking poles.
Walking with Nordic Walking poles incorporates the use of the arms and upper body, allowing you to perform a full-body workout with lower impact and less effort than other fitness activities.

Health Benefits of Nordic Walking

  • Burns 20 to 40 percent more calories than regular walking alone. Burn up to 400 calories per hour verses less than 300 with regular walking.
  • Engaging the upper body with walking poles uses up to 90% of your muscle mass verses only 70% used during regular walking.
  • Heart rate increases an average of 10-15% more than regular walking, with less perceived exertion.
  • Walking with poles encourages proper posture, improves core stability, increases upper body strength andmobility, and increases aerobic activity, even at slow speeds.


Nordic Walking Classes

  • Quick Classes will be offered prior to some of the Group Walks for those who are curious about Nordic Walking and interested in joining a walk.
  • Basics Classes will cover some of the ways you can use Nordic Walking to get a full-body workout. Multiple sessions will progressively build walking techniques with active coaching. Advanced Classes will incorporate interval training and other advanced walking methods and techniques.
  • Group Walks will offer a variety of walking distances and locations throughout the North Shore area. Participants must have attended a Quick Class or Basics Sessions.
  • Nordic Trail Walking / Hiking is a custom program offered on request, participants must have attended a Basics series and be able to walk more than 3 miles on unpaved trails.

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