Mobility Coaching

Mobility Coaching
Individual or small group coaching sessions for mobility and balance are available.

Nordic Walking for Fitness is designed as a small group fitness walking program for your group or facility.

Mobility Pole Walking can:

  • Provide for greater function and balance
  • Help maintain proper posture
  • Engage the core muscles and provide for proper muscle balance
  • Address fall concerns and add confidence
  • Provide support for sitting and standing movements

Mobility Pole Walking may be appropriate for:

  • Improves posture, gait stability and gait speed
  • Provides for bilateral support, encouraging proper muscle balance verses one-sided lean with cane use.
  • Reduces stooping that is common with walking aids

Knee and hip surgery patients

  • Pre-surgery weight management
  • Post-rehab fitness

Neurological Conditions such as MS and Parkinsons

  • Helps with posture, balance and stability

Mobility Pole Walking is not appropriate for everyone, check with your physician or physical therapist to ensure that walking with poles are appropriate for you. Improper use of poles or straps can result in shoulder, hand or other injuries or aggravated existing conditions, work with a qualified walking coach to learn proper techniques.

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