Winter Walking & Snowshoeing

Winter Walking

With the cold weather and snow, Nordic Walking events may become Winter Walking!

Winter Walking is basically Nordic Walking modified for snow and ice!  Equipment is the same. Technique will vary based on terrain and footing, but will more closely resemble trekking than Nordic Walking for Fitness. Pole use becomes much more vertical, providing for stability and balance on snow and ice, while still giving you a great workout.

Exerstrider hardtip

Carbide Tips

Poles are typically used without their rubber “boots” in the winter, allowing their carbide tip to grip on the ice and packed snow. Shown at the Left is the Exerstrider with and without the rubber “boot”. Carbide tips are replaceable on all poles, so don’t be afraid to use them!

Make sure to let your pole tips dry out before replacing the rubber boots.




Leki Snow Basket
Leki Snow Basket

Snow Baskets

Many pole types come with or have separately available a snow basket, such as is used on ski poles, to prevent the poles from sinking into soft snow. You can still walk without a snow basket, just stick to the packed trails.


Traction Systems

You may also find that you need additional traction during the winter, there are many options for shoe traction systems such as Yaktrax. Check your local outdoor or sporting goods store and try them with your winter walking shoes or boots.


Most Nordic Walking and Trekking Poles can also be used for Snowshoeing!


Make sure to remove the rubber boots use snowbaskets!

The Evanston Ecology Center offers showshoes for rental: Showshoe Rental

Contact me if you’re interested in putting together a snowshoe day!

3 thoughts on “Winter Walking & Snowshoeing

    • I’m certainly hoping to do some snowshoeing this winter, hopefully the weather will cooperate! I will keep you in mind for these walks and let you know when I’m going.


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