Why Walk with Poles?

There are as many reasons to walk with poles as there are types of walking poles!

Do you currently use walking as a fitness activity and feel that you want to add a little more to your walk? Check out Nordic Walking for a fitness activity that can use up to 90% of your body’s major muscle groups instead of the less than 70% that regular walking uses.

Do you enjoy hiking? Do you feel that you would be more confident if you had some assistance with balance and stability over rough terrain? Walking with trekking poles may be something to try. Correct pole use can provide assistance in uphill walking as well as additional stability and a reduction in knee impact during downhill walking.

Do you want to hike longer trails? Poles can also improve your posture during longer trails, allowing you to breath properly and increase your walking endurance.

Are you trying to lose weight? Walking with poles can use 20 to 40 percent more calories than regular walking alone. Burn up to 400 calories per hour verses just under 300 with regular walking.

Do you have mobility challenges?  Balance, reduced muscle strength, pain while walking? Walking with Mobility Poles may provide you with the additional support you need to maintain function and allow you increased confidence.

Are you looking for more physical activity after rehab? Use of poles may be beneficial for those recovering from surgery such as knee or hip, as well as assisting post-rehab Cardiac patients with continuing their physical activity. See the Medical Studies for additional information.

Neurological Conditions? Walkers with MS or Parkinson’s may find that poles can provide assistance with posture, balance and stability. See the Medical Studies for additional information.

Other Reasons? Just because it’s fun! Come check it out and see for yourself!

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