Not all walking poles are created equal!

You don’t see anyone on the golf course with only one club, so don’t believe the “marketing” that any walking pole will be appropriate for your walking.

Walking pole types vary based on use. Walking poles have different features and each walker needs to select their walking pole based on their type of walking, terrain, season, and preferred grip style.

I carry a variety of poles for everyone to try out during a walk and determine the best type for you before your make your investment in walking poles.

Walking Poles for specific uses:

Don’t understand why anyone would want to walk with poles? – here’s why!

Don’t Know – need more general information? – Read This

Fitness Walking – are you using walking poles primarily for exercise? – Fitness Poles

Mobility Walking – do you want assistance with balance and mobility? – Mobility Poles

Nordic Walking & Trekking – what’s the difference? – Pole Differences

Hiking & Distance Walking – interested in walking 3 or more miles? Varied terrain? Uphill, both ways? – Trekking Poles

Winter Walking & Snowshoeing – is there snow in your future? – Winter Poles

I stock most pole types, come try them out and see the differences for yourself!