Classes, Events & Costs

Nordic Walking Classes

Introduction to Nordic Walking: Free

30-60 minute introduction session covering the basics concepts of Nordic Walking. Presentation will introduce Nordic Walking for Fitness, Mobility and Hiking.

Quick Class: $5

20 minute brief introduction to Nordic Walking, available prior to some Group Walks

Nordic Walking Basics: $40

Learn the basics of Nordic Walking in four 1-hour sessions or two 2-hour sessions. Appropriate for those interested in walking for Fitness or Distance. Individuals with mobility issues or unable to walk at least 30 minutes should consider the Nordic Walking for Wellness sessions.


Nordic Walking for Fitness:  $15-20/hour/person

4 to 8 week class series starting with the basics of Nordic Walking and including stretching, balance, flexibility and strength activities for a whole-body workout.

Nordic Walking for Wellness (Mobility Walking): $15-20/hour

Private or small group training for individuals who are interested in learning how to use walking poles to provide balance and stability, or for those with a medical condition that impacts their ability to walk safely for exercise.

Nordic Trail Walking: $10-15/hour

Learn how to use your trekking or Nordic Walking poles to efficiently participate in longer distances or tackle tougher terrain.

Nordic Walking Advanced: $10-15/hour

Brush up on your Nordic Walking techniques or get coaching for a walking goal.

Walking Events

Group Walk: Free

Walks approximately 1 hour, typically 3 miles or less. No Training included.

Long Walk: Free

Walks in the North Shore area of 2 hours or more, 5 miles or longer. Costs incurred for park entry fee and/or parking are the responsibility of the participants.

Day Hike: Free

Walks of 2 hours or more, 5 miles or longer, and/or more moderately challenging terrain. Participants must have attended prior classes or group walk. Costs incurred for park entry fee and/or parking are the responsibility of the participants.

Private Training Available:

Contact me for more information.

Private Nordic Walking: customized group classes of 4 to 12 participants.

Personal Training: customized for walking event or your upcoming adventure travel, walking poles are recommended but not required as part of this training.