Nordic Walking Video Collection

I’m adding links to a few of the Nordic Walking YouTube video’s that I find as good resources to highlight Nordic Walking as a fun fitness activity. The majority of these are from Leki, but there are a number of other good video providers out there too. At the bottom is a link to the Exerstrider video page, with just under 30 videos.

Informational Videos

5:27 minute video from Leki, features Lindsey Vonn and other professional athletes showing great fitness technique while doing cross-training with Nordic Walking: Link 

3:31 minute video of participants impressions of Nordic Walking: Link

2:10 minute video from Leki of Nordic Walking, Running and Trail Running with poles: Link

Instructional Videos

15 minute video by Rick Deutsch, demonstrates beginning techniques: Link

2:35 minute “quick start” video from Leki USA featuring The Nordic Walking Queen: Linda Lemke: Link

6:10 minute walking video from Leki USA, also featuring The Nordic Walking Queen: Linda Lemke. Includes brief warm-up and cool-down: Link

Spanish Informational Video

24 minute video in Spanish: Link

Exerstrider Video Page: Link