What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking is a fitness activity that incorporates walking with the addition of specially designed walking poles.

Walking with Nordic Walking poles incorporates the use of the arms and upper body, allowing you to perform a full-body workout with lower impact and less effort than other fitness activities.

Walking Poles can be beneficial to individuals with limitations on their ability to walk for exercise. Poles can provide stability and balance as well as the ability to off-load some of the weight from the lower body.


About Me

In 2012 I had a fun vacation in Nicaragua, where I got to do a lot of walking, hiking, and even repelled down a cliff-face and jumped into the ocean for a “refreshing” swim to our guide’s boat. On that trip I learned that all of the gym workouts I had been doing the last two years had done wonders for my strength, but certainly not enough for my endurance.

When I got back from vacation I started researching additional activities that could give me what I was missing. I ran across Nordic Walking classes where I lived in Minneapolis, was intrigued, and tried it out. In a nutshell:

I fell in love with Nordic Walking!

About North Shore Nordic Walking

When I relocated to Evanston,  I was unable to find any Nordic Walking group in the area, or even any other Nordic Walkers so I decided to start my own group.              And thus North Shore Nordic Walking began!

I got certified as a Nordic Walking Instructor through ANWA (American Nordic Walking Association) in 2014. My instructor from Minneapolis was kind enough to help me out by providing walking poles she had gotten from a retired instructor, and Meetup provided my first walkers.

I was certified as a Personal Trainer by NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine) in December 2015, and now in 2016 I will be expanding from teaching Nordic Walking to coaching Fitness Walking, Mobility Walking, Hiking and Nordic Trail Hiking, and many applicable tips and techniques. Check out the site for descriptions of all of the walking opportunities and classes I will be offering.

Come try out one of my free sessions and see what it’s all about, or e-mail me with questions.

Happy Walking!


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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi wendy
    I just was diagnosed with severe hip arthritis and have been advised to find low impact activities.
    I’ve seen people around Evanston with poles and the idea really intrigues me.
    Can you offer a class or training ?
    Also where to get poles?


  2. I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but hopefully you are able to find something that works for you. I’d recommend you give Nordic Walking a try and see how your hip does with this activity.

    I know that I’m not the only one in Evanston that walks with poles, but I believe that I’m the only one in the Chicago area actively teaching Nordic Walking and leading walking groups.

    My typical classes are for a Fitness walking technique, but I have coached modified techniques on an individual or small group basis. This summer I’m expanding on the group walks and classes so I will have something for any ability to participate in.

    I would recommend a modified technique for you to start until you see how your hip responds. My suggestion would be for us to set up an individual session for you so I can coach you through the modified techniques and have you try out a variety of poles to see which one works best for you. We can also determine what works best to continue your training if you are interested.

    Currently I have a number of pole that I use for my classes, so you don’t need to purchase right away. There are so many types that I like people to try them out and make an informed decision before purchasing.

    Unfortunately there aren’t any retailers in the Chicago area for Nordic Walking poles, but I will be ordering from two pole manufacturers this summer once my classes resume. Otherwise I can help you determine what type to order if you prefer to get them online. There’s a wide variety that can easily get confusing if you haven’t used poles before. I’ve tried to explain more about poles under the “Equipment” tab, but the best way is just to start walking with them.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions, you can also e-mail me direct through the “Contact” tab if that’s easier


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