Intentional Progress – End of Year Update

How are your 2017 Intentions going?

If you missed it or need a refresher, my 2017 Intentions are here

and my mid-year update is here


My Results:

Intention 1: Walk & Run More – Success!

I joined a walking/running challenge called Run the Year, where the goal is to do 2017 miles this year. This can be walking or running, as well as attempted individually or as part of a team. I’ve decided to track of all steps, not just intentional activity.

I reached 2017 miles as part of a team, and for myself  I reached 1531 miles for the year.








Intention 2: Run a 10K – Success! More on my running HERE



Intention 3: More Trail Walking – Somewhat Successful

The goal was 6 long walks or hikes this summer, intending to do this with friends.

Sort of successful…I did some trail walking and invited friends, but unfortunately not may were able to join me. I did, however, get to take one of the shelter dogs out on a trail!

Wendy_Smokey_Clipped (2)
Smokey is still in need of a forever home!


And I did get out hiking with friends this fall, joined by my own dog, adopted in October this year!

Rowan Hike


Rowan & Sushi (2)








Intention 4: More Strength Training & Flexibility – Less Successful

I did do more Strength & Flexibility work, you can read about some of that here

But I fell off on regular training this fall with the cold weather and the schedule changes that adding a new member to the family entailed. Intentions for 2018 are to get back at it on a regular basis!




2 thoughts on “Intentional Progress – End of Year Update

    • Unfortunately this handsome guy has been associated with the shelter since March 2015! He has a specific set of challenges, so finding the right home for him has been difficult, but they aren’t giving up yet!


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