Studying for my Test

Anyone else ever taken a Fitness Test?

Also commonly known as a Physical Assessment, physical fitness tests can provide information on a range of things, such your strength, flexibility, or endurance.

You may remember testing in school for the President’s Physical Fitness Test, but there are so many more tests for adults that can look at specific areas of ability instead of general physical fitness.




Why Test?

These tests can be used to gauge your fitness in comparison to other individuals in your age group, or can be used as an evaluation tool when you repeat the assessments. Changes in your “score” can be used to determine if your fitness program is helping you make progress.

Looking for an Assessment

If you are looking to see how you compare with other people your age and physical fitness level, look for a fitness or medical professional to perform your assessment that can evaluate you according to an industry recognized testing system offering results in your age group.

One such assessment is the Senior Fitness Test, in use since 2001. This program is appropriate for individuals 60 years old to 90+, whether active or not. A test such as this needs to be administered by someone such as a Personal Trainer who has been certified as a Senior Fitness Specialist.

Other assessments may have a wide range of participants, while some geared towards athletes may test only the youngest.

I’m going to be using a few of these assessments to help show my progress in my hiking training program. Stay Tuned!

Flexibility Test – stay tuned for my score!

2 thoughts on “Studying for my Test

  1. I am actually doing an assessment today that I received with a program called tai cheng. It’s called a function test and it tests seven areas of movement and range of motion.

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