South Dakota Hiking

SoDak3 (cropped)

We had a wonderful weekend visiting friends near Custer, SD.

Even got the opportunity to do a short hike in Custer State Park near Sylvan Lake:



Follow the paved trail on the west of the lake to the start of Sunday Gulch Trail.

We hiked it clockwise, not realizing that many trail guides recommend hiking counter-clockwise to put the most difficult section at the beginning of the hike.

2.8 miles of “moderate-strenuous” rated hiking, 2-3 hours. 

The paths started off winding and easy to navigate.

Going counter-clockwise was great for getting used to the elevation, which is 5,500 higher than Chicago!

The trail soon became more challenging!

Start of “Take 2” – the “camera-man” made me climb this a second time so he could get video…

We lucked out in that we were threatened with thunderstorms for half the hike, but only  got a light rain towards the end, just in time to make the steps and railings a bit slippery.

So much to see, no way you can hike this trail fast!

The trail also has a number of small waterfalls, mini caves formed by water, wildflowers in bloom, and so much beauty to see that it’s impossible to get even a fraction of it in one post!

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