Intentional Progress – Mid-Year Update

How are your 2017 Intentions going?

If you missed it or need a refresher, my 2017 Intentions are here

My Progress on Intention 1 & 2:

Intention 1: Walk & Run More – Success!

I joined a walking/running challenge called Run the Year, where the goal is to do 2017 miles this year. This can be walking or running, as well as attempted individually or as part of a team. I’ve decided to track of all steps, not just intentional activity.

My individual status as of 7/18/2017


RTY status 7-18

Intention 2: Run a 10K – Success!

I really wanted to do the Rock & Roll 10k in Chicago on July 16th as my first 10k!

I’m happy to report  that I finished!


This was technically my second 10k, but my first really big race.

Over 17,000 participants between the 10k and Half-Marathon. It was a real fun run with rock bands along the running course and a big party in Grant Park afterwards.

Tune in next week for updates on Intentions 3 & 4…

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