2017 Intentions

Intentions verses Resolutions

I’ve run across a few articles as well as bloggers talking about

Setting Intentions instead of Resolutions

One of the key take-aways is not thinking about trying to “fix” yourself, but think about giving yourself the opportunity to do something fun, something positive!

I love this idea!


I also read a good article from Runner’s World that not only talks about making Resolutions, but gives a great example of how to make progress on that resolution right away by breaking it down into steps and helping you take action right away.

Their format starts with:

  1. Your Resolution (or in my case, my Intention…)
  2. Later Today
  3. Later This Week
  4. Continuing (my addition to their format for long-term goals)


Here are some of My Intentions for 2017:


Intention 1: Walk & Run More

Later Today: Find an activity challenge (actually I did this yesterday) 

Later This Week: Find friends to join me – read my Walking Challenge post here

Continuing: The walking challenge I’ve joined is actually for all of 2017, with monthly challenges!


Intention 2: Run a 10k (6.2 miles)

Later Today: I will look up 10k runs that look like fun to participate in (currently considering the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series held in July in Chicago). My goal is to find something mid-summer for my first 10k, who knows what’s after that?

I may also find a couple more spring 5k runs that look like fun…t.b.d.

Later This Week: Finalize which one I’m selecting for my first 10k and get registered for the event selected (if it’s open for registration) or put a reminder on my calendar for registration when it’s opened.

Continuing: Develop a training program formatted specifically for my situation so I’m slowly increasing my mileage over time in preparation for the selected 10k.

Intention 3 & 4: Background

Over Thanksgiving my husband and I visited relatives in Sedona, Arizona and had a wonderful time hiking the local trails and using walking poles (Nordic, trekking and Exerstrider poles).


We both loved it and hope to return again soon! I want to put some longer trails in my schedule this summer, and hope to get out to do more serious hiking so when we do go back I’m ready to hit the more advanced routes.

I’ve also let my strength training lapse as I’ve increased my running, which isn’t a good course of action. In order to be successful at increasing my hiking abilities and all-around fitness, I need to work on my strength and flexibility and not just concentrate on my cardio.

So with that in mind…

Intention 3: More Trail Walking

Later Today: I’ve already checked out a book from the library about Hiking Illinois, I want to get through this and make a list of 6 hikes that I want to do this year. I’ll start by selecting 10-12 options that look good and narrow that list down.

Later This Week: Research the options I’ve selected and find ones that have more unpaved trails and hopefully some elevation to them! Then my intention is to add them to my Nordic Walking Calendar so friends can join me!

Continuing: The goal is 6 long walks or hikes this summer, hopefully an additional trip to Sedona again is in the forecast? Or another great hiking spot elsewhere?

Intention 4: More Strength Training & Flexibility

Later Today: I’ve already made a list of exercises and cross-training activities that I could be doing to support my walking, running, and hiking activities! Now I need to get them into a format where I can do a strength workout twice a week and a series of stretches after my runs/longer walks.

Later This Week: I’ve already started a calendar for 2017, now to sit down and pencil in my intentions for the 4 activities above!

Continuing: This training is to support my hiking plans for the summer, so will be ongoing until fall. At that time I get to re-evaluate what my next intentions are or keep expanding on the current goals!

Join Me! 

  1. Sign up for an Activity Challenge, join the one I’m doing or find one that fits your needs.
  2. Register for a 5k, or even a 10k – doesn’t matter if you’re able to run, many of the 5k events have a walking option! I’d be happy to join you if my schedule allows!
  3. Join me for Trail Walking – keep an eye out for updates on my website & calendar.
  4. Ask me about other activity options for general strength & flexibility, or private training for your personal activity goals in 2017!









6 thoughts on “2017 Intentions

  1. I would like to try Nordic Walking, what polls do you recommend? Is there a class to take or someone to give me a lesson?
    Thank you !


    • I will have classes this spring once weather warms up, I’m still working on my schedule & locations. Otherwise I can do private classes if you’re interested.

      As far as walking poles go, I have a number of styles for you to try in class. There is also a lot of information under the Equipment tab that should help you find information based on what type of walking you’re interested in doing, or attend a class and try out the different styles of poles in person to determine your favorite.


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