Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving!


If you’re joining the after-Thanksgiving shopping crowd, here are a few of my suggestions for yourself or the active people in your life:

New Shoes – or at least a new pair of insoles!

I really like trail running shoes for good traction on any walking surface, check out the pair I’ve been using this year: Link



Water-bottle waist pack

Make sure that the water bottle sits at the small of the back to stay out of the range of your arm swing, and double-check that the pocket is large enough for the big smart phones.

These can typically be found in running specialty stores and outdoor recreation stores.


Added Traction

There are many attachments to add traction to your shoes for walking on packed snow and ice, make sure to take your shoes with you to the store to make sure that they fit properly!


My wish list for this year includes a pair of Snowshoes!

I wanted to get a pair last year, but the limited snowfall meant that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to even try them out. Recommendations are for at least 3-4 inches of snow to use snowshoes.

I hope to put together a snowshoe day when the weather decides to cooperate, let me know if you’re interested and I’ll make sure you’re on the contact list.




I do have 2 new pairs of the Leki Carbon Traveller poles in stock if anyone is interested, otherwise let me know if you need help selecting a pair. Otherwise there is a lot of information under the Equipment tab to help you narrow down your choices.



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