Hill Training

While the Chicago Northshore area is pretty flat, there are a couple of opportunities to get in some hill training!

Why do Hill Training?

If you enjoy hiking or walking on varied terrain, doing hill training during your regular walks can help you to learn the most efficient way to use your poles for support and stability.

The last thing you want to happen is to slip and fall when you’re off the beaten path. Practicing walking with your poles allows you to efficiently move between walking techniques without interruption.

Oh, my aching Knees!

Hips, ankles, feet…

Many people with lower body pain find that walking on hills is more challenging than on a flat surface. Walking poles can help you offload some of that weight and more safely navigate rough terrain.

Hills are also a great way to up your intensity if you walk for fitness! 

Energy expenditure of Nordic Walking on a flat surface is 20-40% more than regular walking, Nordic Walking on serious hills can increase that up to 67%!

Unfortunately, the hills around here aren’t nearly as challenging as those used in these clinical trials, but a good way to incorporate hill training is with intervals!


Interval Training on Hills!

The Nordic Walking for Fitness classes introduce hill training intervals, but intervals ca be added to Group Walks or Private sessions for individuals who’ve already learned how to Nordic Walk and want to take it to the next level. Contact Me for additional information.

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