Mobility Monday – Falling

The Fear of Falling can create a Cycle of Increased Risk

Sometimes the fear of falling can inhibit an individual’s willingness to participate in activity, but decreased physical activity leads to decreased balance skills and physical conditioning, which can in turn lead to an increased risk for falling!

falling circle

There are a number of risk factors for falling, many of them listed in more detail here:  Causes & Risk Factors



Physical Activity and Fall Reduction

  • Muscle weakness, especially in the legs: Resistance Training should be considered to increase muscular strength. Select a program that incorporates Power Training as well as Strength to train in more dynamic movements and further decrease risk of falls due to muscle weakness.
  • Balance and gait: Walking poles can assist with balance as well as some gait issues. They can also allow you to walk with more safety while you participate in physical activities.
  • Sensory problems: Walking poles have been used by individuals with peripheral neuropathy or other sensory problems to provide feedback and increase walking confidence.

Walking poles should not be used on flooring or surfaces that do not provide a good grip. Make sure that your walking tips are appropriate for the surface you are on!

Trekking – Mobility – Fitness Tip Types

Professional Resources

Talk to your medical professional, physical or occupational therapist to see which physical or medical condition(s) can contribute to your risk of falling, and identify ways that you can address these concerns.

Consider having an assessment done of your home to identify potential causes of falls that can be corrected.

See if your local Senior Center has a Balance or Fall Prevention class that can help you with a balance assessment and specialized training that addresses your needs.

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