Mobility Monday – Obstacle or Adventure?

Obstacle or Adventure?

When confronted with stairs or hills, do you see them as an Obstacle, or an Adventure?

What about other parts of your life?

  • Do you park at the back of the lot, or drive around until you find a space close to the door?
  • Elevator, escalator or stairs?
  • Walk to dinner, or drive? or delivery?
  • Paper or plastic?

ok, maybe not the last one…



Adventure is an aspect of Attitude

Don’t let something like hills, stairs, or anything else become an obstacle to your walking activity. Don’t let the rain or the snow keep you inside.

Break the obstacle down into smaller segments if you can, develop a strategy for tackling each segment:

  • Strength – if multiple stairs are difficult for you, are there exercises you can do to improve your leg strength?  Strength Link
  • Stamina – also referred to as Endurance, maybe you can’t tackle the full distance, but can you work up to it? Endurance Link
  • Stability – if you have stability challenges or are concerned walking on certain surfaces, there are techniques and equipment that can help.
  • Balance & Flexibility –  both are important in reducing the risk of falling, considering adding balance training and flexibility movements to your physical activities. Balance and Flexibility links.
  • Pain – talk to your medical professional about pain management options, find the best time of day for you to be active, move only within pain-free ranges of motion, and make sure you warm up and cool down properly during activity.

Putting it all together: The National Institute on Aging has a good page describing the many benefits of exercise as applied to your daily life. As I continue with Mobility Monday articles I will detail out many of these benefits as well. Benefits Link

Do a little bit at a time and those bits will keep adding up.

  • Explore the idea of using walking poles if that can help you
  • Consult a medical professional, physical or occupational therapist, or personal trainer for specific recommendations
  • Find a friend to accompany you and to encourage you

“If you think you can or think you can’t, you are right” – Henry Ford


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