Calling all Weekday Walkers!

I’m putting together a list of potential weekday walkers to see if I can get some more walking groups together (either Nordic Walking or regular walkers welcome!)

Please contact me or comment below with preferred weekday, time of day and city of residence so I can try and find what works best for the most people!


Some of the Proposed Park Locations:

Evanston: Centennial Park at the lakeshore

Glenview: Gallery Park

Lincolnwood/ Skokie: Proesel Park or Centennial Park

Glenview/ Morton Grove / Skokie: Harms Woods section of North Branch Trail (North or South)

Winnetka/ Northfield: Skokie Lagoon (longer walk)

Wilmette/ Glencoe/ Winnetka: Green Bay Trail (longer walk)

Gallery Park – Gravel Loop

3 thoughts on “Calling all Weekday Walkers!

  1. Wendy- my work schedule varies from month to month, so I don’t have set days. But, whatever you put together, I will be able to attend on days I’m not working. I’m in Evanston. Prefer early morning, but am open to any time before 6pm when I need to pick my son up from school.
    Thanks for doing this!
    P.S. That Panera gift card I found on our last walk in Harms had 40 bucks on it!


  2. I would love to do the walks on either Monday. Wednesday or Fridays. Anytime for me on those days between 9 am- 3 pm. Any location good for me.


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