Summertime Walking & New Programs

I’m working out my summer schedule, wondering when the weather will actually start co-operating and give us some nice walking days! Not that I haven’t been out enjoying the few good days and some not-so good days with some of my current walkers!

I have 3 new Walking Programs and a new Introduction class to announce.

Nordic Walking for Wellness: program for individuals who are interested in learning how to walk with poles to assist with mobility and balance. For those walking less than 30 minutes.  Program Information

Nordic Walking for Fitness: program for those who are currently mildly or moderately active in walking or other physical activity and who are interested in getting more cardio out of their walking or learning something new. Great for runners who are seeking an activity with less imact!  Program Information

Arthritis Foundation Walk With Ease: evidence-based activity program for individuals with or without Arthritis  who may just beginning a walking program. For those walking as little as 10 minutes. Poles are not needed for this program, but if you are already walking with poles, you may use them. Program Information

Intro to Nordic Walking: 1-hour class for a private group, free or minimal fee.  Program Information

I have some time in my schedule this summer and would love to fill it with these activities! Give me some recommendations in the Comments!



2 thoughts on “Summertime Walking & New Programs

  1. Wendy- I would be very interested in the NW for fitness. Would this be 8 classes on a set day/time, or according to an individual’s schedule? (I’m having issues with consistent child care, but I’m working on it!) Also, do these classes coincide with the Thursday evening sessions you have on the calendar for the summer or are they in addition to those classes?


    “There is hope if people will begin to awaken that spiritual part of themselves, that heartfelt knowledge that we are caretakers of this planet.” — Brooke Medicine Eagle

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    • I’m just getting going offering these classes, so have not scheduled them yet. I hope to find some good days/times for everyone interested to meet, with the intent to schedule 2x a week for 4 weeks to start.

      Currently the Thursday evenings this month are a separate 4 class series for Nordic Walking Basics, which cover walking technique but doesn’t expand on all of the fitness aspects that this class will. I have room if you can start tonight?

      In the mean time, I have a Quick Class & Group Walk on the 14th if you want to check out Nordic Walking and give it a try?

      If you can send me days/times that might work for you, I can keep them in mind while scheduling.


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